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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Living with a pain from musculoskeletal injury or condition will not only impair your social life but it will also have a dramatic effect on your work life, and recreation. Simple tasks like climbing stairs, standing even for a short period of time, picking bag of groceries, grasping small objects, stooping, bending, or kneeling can become challenging. Orthopedic rehabilitation focuses on reducing those lifestyle limitations, eliminating pain, and improving mobility.

When To Consider Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

If you are after surgery and are keen to regain your physical abilities in a safe way.

Surgical procedure is only a first step in long process of regaining the abilities and treating pain. Orthopedic physical therapy will help to improve the strength, flexibility and reduce pain following the surgery and ensure the best outcome from the procedure.

If you would like to avoid a surgery.

Although surgery might be a solution in some cases, it also carries significant risks and possibilities of complications. Hip and knee replacements, spinal surgeries, rotator cuff repairs, are high risk and complicated procedures with a long recovery period and should not being taken lightly. It is possible to avoid complications from surgery, decrease pain and improve health with orthopedic physical therapy.

If you are suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis.

Chronic medical conditions will get worse with time. Pain will increase and lead to more limitations in everyday activities. Physical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition is a best way to deal with pain and prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

If you are healing from a sport related injury.

Rotator cuff tears, ankle sprains, knee injuries, back injures are common condition for both professionals and amateur athletes. If not treated properly even small sport injures tend to stay for a long time, severely limit the performance, and ability to compete.  Sports related physical therapy will help you to heal from the injury and will also improve the performance and ability to return to the activities sooner.

If you are suffering from pain after car accident or injury.

Injures related to the car accidents, work related injury, or just slipping on ice, can cause significant pain and discomfort. Treating those injures early, will insure the that it will not progress into the chronic condition and allow you to return to your normal work and hobbies.

What conditions orthopedic physical therapy can treat?

Arthritis of the spine.

This is a chronic and progressing condition that causes severe pain and limitations if left untreated. Most of the pain and limitations will be improved with the help of orthopedic spine therapy.

Rotator cuff tears.

This is a common shoulder injure because of a car accident, sport related injury, or sometimes just from lifting or moving everyday objects. Physical therapy will help to reduce pain, facilitate healing of the damaged tissue, and improve strength. If not treated rotator cuff tear will require a complicated surgery following with long period of rehabilitation.


Most of the fractures will heal in a few weeks, however it will require physical therapy to restore normal movement of the joints and regain muscle strength and facilitate healing of the bone.

Joint Replacement Surgery.

If you have a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement surgery, orthopedic rehabilitation will help you to restore muscle strength and improve function. Short period of therapy prior to the surgery will improve outcome and speed up the recovery.

If you are interested in treatment at Miracle Physical Therapy, please fill this form and we will contact you, or call us to ask any questions you have.

Benefits of orthopedic physical therapy

Less pain

First step in treating most of the problems related to the disease or injury of the Musculo skeletal system is to reduce pain. Physical therapy can achieve this without use of addictive medications and harmful injections. It is done by facilitating body’s natural ability to produce pain relieving hormones and blocking pain signals from the damaged tissue.

Better mobility

One of the main problems of the orthopedic condition is a limitation to the free motion of the joints and muscles. Orthopedic physical therapy concentrates on restoring the natural motion and improving mobility for both everyday activities and sports.

Improve muscle strength

Prolonged immobilization due to bone fractures, pain, or surgery, will cause rapid decrease in muscle strength. Right treatment plan should not only treat the reason for the pain, but also restore strength and unsure that the injury will not have long lasting negative effect on your life.

Long lasting result

Therapy is the only way to achieve the health and pain free living for a long period of time. It treats the reason for the pain and limitations, unlike pain medications and injections that only masks the condition.

No harmful side effects

Physical therapy rehabilitation has no dangerous side effects or addiction associated with pain medications, injection, or surgical complications. It helps your body to naturally restore the damaged tissue, reduce pain, and restore mobility and strength.

It is common to have an anxiety when going to a doctor. Orthopedic therapy treatment, however, is very different from regular physician visit. Physical therapist will be with you during the whole program, making sure you are receiving the right care, and adjusting your treatment continuously. 

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What to expect at orthopedic rehabilitation center?

Initial evaluation

At your first visit your therapist will diagnose the problem and will create a treatment plan with you, to help you to get rid of pain and restrictions to your activities. You will be able to state your goals and concerns, and to make sure the treatment is targeted towards your needs.

Treatment plan

Usually the Physical therapy treatment is 2-3 times a week, and will continue for 4-6 weeks. The frequency can be adjusted according to the patient condition and abilities.

Types of therapy

Most therapist will call it “modalities”. Those are techniques used to facilitate natural processes in the body to allow proper healing.

Manual Therapy:

This technique is widely used by therapists to manipulate and mobilize affected joints and tissue to improve motion and reduce pain.

Soft tissue massage:

The technique used in therapeutic massage. It gently mobilizes the soft tissues, like muscles, providing relaxation in contracted muscles, reducing inflammation, and calming the pain.  

Neuromuscular Re-Education:

This treatment is aimed at the recovery of voluntary muscle control which a patient might have lost due to atrophy, injury, or pathology. Its objective is functionality through four phases (activation, strengthening, coordination, and resistance to fatigue).


In general, physical therapists teach patients different types of exercises and stretches to contract, relax, and give mobility to the affected parts. This technique is intended to recompose the most common and everyday movements.

Hot and Cold Therapy:

These types of physical therapy treatments are intended to alleviate chronic and acute conditions. The use of nitrogen in aerosols, ice, or cold packs, as well as cryogenics, alleviate acute conditions. On the contrary, with the use of hot packs, diathermy, and infrared heat, chronic conditions can be treated.

Electrical Stimulation:

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technique is used with a device that sends electrical stimuli to the treatment area, through electrodes placed above the skin, it relieves pain, and muscle spasm.

Spinal decompression:

This technique gradually applied mechanical traction to reduce pain, muscle spasm, and pressure on the nerve root as a result of a "slipped" disc in the neck or low back.

Miracle Physical Therapy and Massage Center

At Miracle Physical Therapy we can help you to get on the right track and start the journey to pain free life. You can call us to schedule a free no obligation consultation with a therapist in person or over the phone. If you feel ready to start some real advanced orthopedic rehabilitation, we can schedule your appointment in the next 24 hours.

Starting physical therapy in our Warren or Farmington Hills location will allow you to feel better in the next days and not years.

  • In the small number of sessions, we will help you to reduce stiffness and pain and start feeling better.

  • We will diagnose your real problem on your first visit, and together we will build the treatment plan to get rid of pain and other symptoms you are suffering from..

  • You will be able to get rid of the pain medications and enjoy life without relying on harmful substances with severe side effects and complications.

  • Proper treatment will help you to avoid major surgery with long recovery and severe risks every surgery has.

  • Our therapist will help you to choose right exercises, speed up the healing and prevent pain in the future.

  • Miracle Physical Therapy will help you to enjoy life again, meeting friends and family without everyday pain and limitations.

If you are interested in treatment at Miracle Physical Therapy, please fill this form and we will contact you, to answer any questions you might have, and help you to start the journey towards pain free live. It is completely risk free and there is no obligation. You can schedule a complimentary free session with the therapist at Miracle Physical Therapy Farmington Hills or Warren location.

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