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Auto Accident Injury

Car accident injures affect thousands of people every day. Injury from the car accident can affect not only your health, but also your ability to work, or take care of your family. It can ruin your plans to go on a planned vacation, meet friends, basically living a normal life. Even a “light” accident can cause a severe health issue with pain and disability, that will continue for a lengthy period.

What should I do after car accident?

If you been involved in a car accident those simple steps will ensure you will receive proper treatment and will help you to return to your regular activities as soon as possible.  Even light injure like Whiplash or low back sprain can lasts for months. Being in a car accident is stressful on itself, and most of the people are not sure what to do.

Should I see a medical professional? Yes.

Unlike regular illness car accident might create severe pain and discomfort even in healthy and young. The stresses your body going through in a car can cause concussion, muscle sprains, disc injures, internal bleeding. Prompt medical check will ensure that there is no life risk injury and will address immediate pain and discomfort. Hospital emergency rooms, emergency care clinics, even primary care physician can perform initial checkup, and will order necessary imaging tests.

Should I return to my usual work next day? No.

Most of us will try to return immediately to our regular work. However, if you are in pain it is important to take some time from regular work and activities. Rest will allow your body to deal with stress and injury. Returning to usual activities too soon this will usually increase pain and discomfort, extend the time required for healing, and prolong the suffer. Even nonphysical office job can make the pain worse, more so if you must stand, and walk for hours, lift heavy objects, bend, or operate machinery.

Should I take anything to reduce the pain? Yes.

There is absolutely no reason to endure the pain without help, this “heroic” approach does not help. If you unable to rest after car crash, because of pain, your recovery will take longer.

If you saw a doctor, he should advise you about the best way to reduce pain and sourness after the car accident. Usually the over-the-counter pain medications, muscle relaxers, and ice will help to control the pain, and feel better.

Should I seek more care if the pain persistent after 3 days? Yes.

If you are still feeling pain and discomfort 3 days after the car accident, you should look for a medical care to address your symptoms. Light muscle pain will usually disappear in the short period of time and if not, it should be treated as soon as possible. Postponing the treatment can initiate chronic condition which is more difficult to treat and will continue for a longer time.

Should I look for car accident injury clinic? Yes.

Although most of the primary practitioners might be able to help, car accidents usually create complicated condition at it will be better addressed by Doctors and Physical therapists with specialty in treating car related injuries. Knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the car accident trauma is essential is establishing right treatment and addressing your health.

5 common reasons for chronic pain after car accident.

Many patients come to Miracle Physical Therapy months after the car accident still having pain and unable to work and move freely. They had been suffering for months having difficulty to get through the day. Most of them had one of the 5 reasons for the chronic pain:

1. "It was a small accident, and nothing happened."

Even small accident can cause damage to the body structures and cause pain and discomfort.

2. "My family physician gave me some pain pills and said it would go away soon."

Pain medications do not treat the reason for the pain. Also, general practitioners’ lack the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat injuries after car accident.

3. "I do not have time for physical therapy"

Pain and physical limitations make us less productive and efficient. Sacrificing a small amount of time now will safe you a lot of in the future and will help you to return to the 100% ability sooner.

4. "Doctors are expensive and I do not have medical insurance."

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) part of car insurance is responsible for covering your medical costs. By purchasing insurance, you already paid the premium, to cover your medical costs.

5. "I had x-rays in the emergency room, and everything is normal."

Emergency room evaluation is very limited. The goal of it is to prevent life threatening condition. Most of the injures will not be diagnosed or treated in the ER. .

If any of those apply to your situation, that means, you are suffering from injury related to the car accident, and it was untreated for long enough time to become a chronic problem. We invite you to call us or schedule an appointment at Miracle Physical Therapy in Farmington Hills or Warren locations. You can schedule a Free, absolutely No Cost consultation with therapist and start feeling better today day without pain, medications, and harmful injections.

Car accident car cause injures to a various area of the body. Neck and low back pain are most common, but it can also affect shoulders, knees, hips. The type and severity of injury is related to the multiple factors, like speed and angle of the collision, position in the vehicle, type of the car you were driving. 

6 types of common car accident related injuries.


Injury caused when a car is hit from behind. Acute movement of the head back and forward creates multiple sprains and tears in the muscles and ligaments of the neck and upper back. As a result, there is pain and difficulty to move head, headaches, and dizziness. Symptoms can persist for a long time without treatment.

Rotator cuff tears.

This is a shoulder injury from the car accident that damages the tendons and muscles responsible for the stabilization of the shoulder joint. It will cause pain with movement and will make simple tasks like dressing or washing hair difficult. If not addressed may create permanent limitation and pain.

Low back sprain

Injury to the soft tissue in the low back, muscles, nerves, ligaments, as a result of the impact energy transferred to the car occupant during the accident. Pain in the low back, difficulty to bend, sit and walk. Physical therapy is very effective in treating these condition and will allow fast return to the normal life.


This condition is a result of pressure on the sciatic nerve and will cause pain and abnormal sensation in the legs. Usually, it is a result of the disc bulge in the low back that is causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Symptoms like burning, electrical sensation, numbness and tingling while sitting and standing, and moving.

Disc herniation

Injury of the disc in the neck, mid or low back. Car accident can result in disc bulge or disc protrusion that will cause pain and restrict the movement in the area. It can also increase the symptoms of the previously injured disc. Unlike soft tissue injures that will disappear in a matter of weeks, it can cause symptoms for months.

Knee sprain.

Sprain or tear of the knee ligaments, meniscal tear, muscle, and tendon sprain will cause pain, swelling, difficulty to stand, walk, change positions. Even small damage of knee structure will make it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks.

Why car accident injury clinic the right place to treat?

Most of the car accident will cause multiple injures to a different body parts, therefore complicating the condition and causing more pain and suffer. Clinic specializing in the treatment of the car related injures is better in identifying and treating multi system injures and can help you to recover faster.

A lot of patients who came to us are worried about the cost of treatment, not having medical insurance, or being able to work and pay the bills. We at Miracle Physical Therapy understand the situation you are dealing with. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in solving complicated insurance problems. We know how important it is to allow our patients to receive the benefits they are entitled to according to the current laws and regulations.

To simplify it, the medical treatment of the injures related to the car accident should be fully covered by the auto insurance. We will help you to receive the treatment you deserve with No out-of-pocket costs to you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding costs, call us and our staff will be happy to help.

What can I do to feel better today?

This is a question we been asked in the clinic every day. It is possible decrease the pain, feel better, return to work and leisure activities, sleep better, and move without restrictions.

Those are 4 simple steps that will allow you to improve your condition:

1. First step is to understand that the problem will not go away on its own. Pain that persists for more than 2 weeks will turn into chronic condition and will be harder to treat with time.

2. Ask for professional help and understand the underlying injury and proper treatment approach to deal with the situation.

3. Get real therapy that will target your condition and improve your life. Your therapist will diagnose the problem and build the treatment plan to help you to return to the normal life activities.

4. Improve your general fitness and strength with the proper exercises your therapist will help you to understand and plan the right activities to stay healthy after the therapy..

At Miracle Physical Therapy we can help you to get on the right track after car accident.

You can call us to schedule a free no obligation consultation with a therapist in person or over the phone. If you feel ready to start some real physical therapy, we can schedule your appointment in the next 24 hours. Starting physical therapy in our Warren or Farmington Hills location will allow you to feel better in the next days and not years.

In the small number of sessions, we will help you to reduce stiffness and pain and start feeling better.

We will diagnose your real problem on your first visit, and together we will build the treatment plan to get rid of pain and other symptoms you are suffering from.

You will be able to get rid of the pain medications and enjoy life without relying on harmful substances with severe side effects and complications.

Proper treatment will help you to avoid major surgery with long recovery and severe risks and complications every surgery has.

Our therapist will help you to choose right exercises, speed up the healing and prevent pain in the future.

Miracle Physical Therapy will help you to enjoy life again, meet with meeting friends and family without everyday pain and limitations.

If you are interested in treatment at Miracle Physical Therapy, please fill out this form, and we will contact you to answer any questions you have and help you to start the journey towards healthier and pain free life. It is completely risk free and there is no obligation. You can schedule a complimentary free session with the therapist at Miracle Physical Therapy Farmington Hills or Warren location.

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