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Traditional Head Massage

Get rid of pain

Chronic pain is known to affect every part of live. Work, travel, even simple every day tasks are turning into burden. If not treated it literally turns everyday into suffer. Physical therapy is an effective way to get rid of the pain without the use of the dangerous medications, or invasive surgical procedure.

Therapy will facilitate natural healing of the tissue, without harmful side effects. As a result, the pain will gradually diminish and disappear. The result is long lasting and does not require to continuously take pain medications with addictive side effect.

Pain can be caused by multiple physiologic processes in the body. If there is a direct damage to the tissue: bone fracture, ligament sprain, muscle sprain the pain is supposed to alert us and help us to initiate the appropriate healing response. Ankle sprain in a classic example. Pain is usually severe and will require to rest and reduce pressure in the ankle for a few days. After it the pain will usually recede, and movement will be more available and easier to perform. Physical therapy at this stage will help to shorten the initial period of discomfort reduce the severity of the symptoms and speed up the recovery.

Unfortunately, some of the injures does not go away and pain remains and turns into chronic condition. Those cases are more common than most think and affect a lot of people who are suffering without solution.

There are multiple explanations why pain became chronic and did not disappear after the injury. Unfortunately, the primary doctors and even specialist often fail to properly diagnose the problem and all they offer a patient is a prescription for the medication to control the pain. That approach is more harmful than helpful because it does not treat the reason and only causes the problem last longer and become more complicated to treat.

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