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How Much Physical Therapy Costs Without Insurance in 2023

How Much Physical Therapy Costs Without Insurance

Physical therapy is essential for reducing and managing musculoskeletal pain, increasing the range of motion, recovering from illnesses and traumas, and helping patients to live full and healthy lives.

While some people have medical insurance, others need to pay for physical therapy out of pocket and, naturally, wonder how much physical therapy cost without insurance.

Keep reading as we explore the ins and outs of this topic.

So, How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost Without Insurance in 2023?

How much physical therapy cost without insurance is probably one of the most common questions people ask their doctors and physical therapists (PTs). This expense is also called "out-of-pocket."

Firstly, let's talk about how physical therapy programs start. Your first session is usually a consultation session. Your PT will thoroughly assess your condition and better understand your ailments, which will be the base for your physical therapy program.

Usually, this session is more expensive than others as it includes evaluating your condition and then creating your individualized treatment plan.

So, How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost Without Insurance

Your PT will assess your strength and range of motion and your medical history and include various modalities such as massages, electrostimulation, ultrasound as well as physical exercises in the treatment plan. You will get suggestions on how to continue this work at home too for the best results.

So how much is physical therapy without insurance? The final cost will depend on how many visits and times per week you will need. Generally, you will need 2 or 3 visits per week for 6 or 8 weeks at least. Each visit, on average, costs $75-150 per session. This means that physical therapy costs without insurance can come up to $4800 for 8 weeks and 3 sessions per week or more if you need more sessions.

Besides that, you might also need additional equipment such as, e.g., an exercise mat, weights, or workout bands.

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost per Visit?

The cost of physical therapy without insurance or "out of pocket" will cost $75 – $150 per session. The price per visit will depend on your injury or particular condition.

Your physical therapists near you will give you their estimate after thoroughly investigating your issues and developing a detailed treatment plan.

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost per Visit

Keep in mind that while this is the average cost of physical therapy without insurance, some sessions may cost less, e.g., $50-60, and some sessions may cost up to $350. That depends on the type of injury and treatment received and the use of various equipment.

How Much Does Each Procedure Cost?

Each type of physical therapy procedure will cost differently, and treatment sessions usually take 30-90 minutes.

How Much Does Each Procedure Cost

Visits include both doing manual therapy like massages, exercises, and other therapy modalities. Your therapist also will monitor your progress so, at the end of the day, your therapist will determine your visit frequencies

You may also need daily visits to track your progress, and the cost may be around $20-150 each.

Physical Therapy Visit Types And Costs

Physical Therapy Visit Types And Costs

In-Home Physical Therapy

If you decide to get in-home physical therapy, the costs start around

$100 to $150 per visit. The price may or may not include the transportation costs, so it's essential to get that cleared up in advance so as not to get surprised later.

Physical Therapy Cost By Injury Location

Knee, elbow, back, and other injuries and their therapy costs differently and may require different treatment modalities. These modalities include manual therapy, traction, exercises, ultrasound, TENS, and others.

Your PT will assess your particular injury, and the cost per visit will depend on that; usually, the prices start at $75-100 per session.

Physical Therapy Price For Back Pain

Physical therapy for back pain, on average, costs $130-150 per session, and in general, you may need d 8-10 sessions of treatment over six weeks. The duration of treatment and the number of visits will also depend on whether you've had surgery which may extend the recovery period for a few months.

Physical Therapy For Knees

The average cost for knee injury therapy is around $100 per session out-of-pocket, and the recovery time is up to six weeks, depending on the severity. You will do exercises and strength training and get hands-on therapy.

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for rotator cuff injury costs around $50-100 per session and likely a little more for your first evaluation session. Generally, the total recovery time is about six months, and you may need up to $3500 for your PT treatment.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

The cost of pelvic floor physical therapy is generally more expensive, and you may need to pay around $180-200 per session and a little more for your initial consultation. However, the pelvic floor muscle group is important for bladder control, relieving constipation, and overall reproductive health and needs to be taken very seriously.

Keep in mind that pelvic-floor physical therapy for improving bladder health can cost up to $600 per session.

Additional Costs

There are also additional costs to your usual sessions, and that is vital to keep in mind when talking about the average cost of physical therapy without insurance.

You may need special equipment and accessories for your at-home exercises that may cost anywhere from $20 to $100, and if you want to add more value, you may consider purchasing such exercise equipment as a treadmill or a stationary bike. It is unnecessary, though, as most therapy offices already have such equipment.

Additional Costs

The smaller physical therapy aids include resistance bands, exercise balls, weights, and hot and cold packs, and help improve your range of motion and recover muscle tissues and ligaments.

How to Lower Physical Therapy Costs

Understandably, such costs may be too high for many patients, but luckily there are ways to lower those costs and save.

Reduce visit frequency

One of the most effective ways to lower the costs is to reduce the frequency of sessions. To find the perfect balance of your visit frequency, healing goals, and finances, you need to have a conversation with your doctor and PT.

Discuss your treatment goals with your physical therapist and make sure they know that you only have a limited budget. It means you most likely will have 1-2 visits per week.

You can also agree to do additional exercises at home to ensure you're not missing out.

Do virtual therapy sessions

With the pandemic, telehealth services have improved, and you can now take online physical therapy sessions. They have been proven to produce good outcomes and are usually less expensive.

Make sure you ask your PT whether they've been trained to provide their services remotely and have the needed technology. You also need the technology, but it's pretty basic and straightforward because all you need is a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone and a good internet connection.

You can opt for 50/50 in-person and remote sessions, which is especially beneficial if you live in a remote or rural area or have difficulty visiting your PT clinic regularly.

Pay in cash

It may vary from provider to provider, but sometimes paying in cash instead of your credit card is 30-50% cheaper. Purchasing multiple sessions is also offered at most clinics and at a lower price and can help you save, so opt for that if possible.

Exercise at home

Another great way to reduce your total expense for physical therapy from $200, $300, and even $500 a week is to commit to doing your recovery exercises at home. Keep in mind that it's up to you and how much you will advance, so the harder you work at home, the better results you'll achieve.

Exercise at home

To ensure that you correctly perform all your exercises, pay special attention at your in-person PT sessions and take notes. Your PT will also demonstrate the exercises and answer all your questions. You can also film them if they give you permission so you can refer to the videos later.

If you live with a family member or a friend, you can also ask them to help you with specific exercises. Also, invest in the necessary at-home equipment.

Alternative care

You can also consider alternative treatments and care to complement your physical therapy sessions and visit your local community clinics or other healthcare facilities for lower-priced services.

Talk to your doctor about the alternatives for your particular condition and ask them about the average costs so you can see if those fit your budget. You can also try PT training centers where you can get free supervised physical therapy sessions done by students.

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