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Be healthy

Physical therapy will help you to feel good every day. Best way to treat pain and injury is to prevent it from happening. After pain is gone, and you can return to your regular activities, it is important to stay healthy. Prevention is an easiest treatment, and your physical therapy is the best place to help you to achieve that goal.

Physical therapist has the knowledge and understanding of the human body to guide you into activities and help to prevent possible complications. Trying to start exercising is a great idea, but it should be implemented the right way. Every year we at Miracle physical therapy see patients, who tried to exercise and suffered an injury because of wrong exercise. Back sprains, knee sprains, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow are painful and can last for a long time.

Physical therapist can help you start exercise in a safe way, prevent injury and improve general strength and endurance. Starting with physical therapy is a logical and correct way to address your health and previous medical conditions you had.

Why not start with Athletic trainer?

Athletic trainers have some knowledge in general physiology and sport straining. Unfortunately, they are lacking the understanding of the possible complications from the previous medical conditions and knowledge in adjusting the exertion on the body because of it. Too many times we had to treat the injures caused by desire to improve fast and too aggressive program. Using an athletic trainer later after you learned the proper way to address you condition is more effective and safer approach.

What will physical therapy do if I have no pain?

This is a very common question I had been asked. In general, physical therapy addressing the physical limitations you are currently facing. It can be pain or movement restrictions from the injury, rehabilitation after surgery, or just pains and aches from the chronic condition like arthritis. However, it also specializes in improving general health condition and is a great tool to address past health issues and prevent it form recurring. Physical therapist will evaluate your status and will be able to recognize possible difficulties and complications. After it, the appropriate training regimen can be established and adjusted accordingly to help you to improve health and performance.

Isn’t it expensive to do physical therapy?

In most cases your medical insurance will cover the costs of physical therapy treatment. In addition, the important factor to remember is a long-term cost associated with injuries caused by wrong training technique. Loosing work time, suffering from pain, and needing extensive medical care is much more expensive than small number of physical therapy visits. Also signing for a gym membership will usually require a long-term commitment without even knowing you will be able to use it. Starting with physical therapy will allow you to understand your future needs and make better decisions regarding your health.

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