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There's often confusion about the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy.

And it's no wonder. Both professions use rehabilitation to help patients heal and manage their injuries, pains, and other physical issues. 

Not just that, often, the same patient will see both therapists at the same time, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Finally, it’s interesting that both therapy branches came up from the same profession during World War I. It was known as reconstruction aid and these professionals were treating injured soldiers.

It’s clear that the debate about physical therapy vs. occupational therapy is a long-lasting one, so let us help clear some things up. 

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There are ongoing questions and queries among patients regarding the physiotherapy vs. physical therapy debate.

And it’s no surprise because these two therapy types are quite similar and can confuse many. Especially when researching different websites, books, or journals.

People often use the terms as synonyms though and, in many cases, it ends up being just fine for their purposes.

However, even though physiotherapy and physical therapy overlap in many aspects, there are several differences.

Knee pain

What is a sprained knee? It is an injury that occurs due to a partial or total tear of some of the ligaments that are part of the knee and is more common than you can imagine.

Athletes in all kinds of sports suffer from these often. Depending on the severity of the sprain, the injury can be easily treated or can be career ending for some pro-athletes. Diagnosing it early and taking immediate treatment to avoid further complications is fundamental.

Undoubtedly, performing physical activity whether, for entertainment, health, work, lifestyle, or professional practice, many times has unfortunate sports injuries.

A miscalculated tackle in football, basketball or other contact sport or an unexpected fall from a bike in cycling, for example, can withdraw an athlete from competition.  

For the amateurs, they can simply take away your passion or hobby, and even cause pain on your daily life. That is why it is essential to be careful when dealing with sports injuries.  

Did you know that there are six main types of Physical Therapy and different instruments to treat certain conditions related to the motor and posture of the body? This discipline of health science incorporates various modalities of rehabilitation and treatment without the use of drugs. 

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