Shoulder Pain At Night

One of the widespread complaints at a physical therapist's office is about shoulder pain at night.

Shoulder pain at night is pain that often doesn't go away no matter which side the person sleeps on. It can be stiff, dull, or numbing, as well as cause tingling, muscle spasms.

It's an issue that is troubling, and on its own. Shoulder pain at night brings out additional issues such as exhaustion, mood disorders, and others and lowers the quality of life.

It's imperative to take this problem seriously, especially if it's persistent and doesn't go away.

Let's look deeper into the causes of shoulder pain at night and what are the best solutions.

Shoulder Popping

Many of Miracle Rehab patients seek physical therapy due to shoulder pain and popping while lifting arm. Shoulder stiffness, aches, and injuries are the third most common muscle and joint issue people visit their doctors for, so it's essential to take them seriously.

It's a common problem since the shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body and prone to injuries.

While in some cases, shoulder popping when lifting an arm is entirely benign, if there is pain involved, it is a cause of concern.

There are multiple potential reasons for the pain, from simple things such as poor posture or uncomfortable matters to severe health conditions and injuries.

Let's look into shoulder pain and popping when lifting an arm, the leading causes, how it should be treated, and when to see a specialist such as a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy vs Physiotherapy

There are ongoing questions and queries among patients regarding the physiotherapy vs. physical therapy debate.

And it’s no surprise because these two therapy types are quite similar and can confuse many. Especially when researching different websites, books, or journals.

People often use the terms as synonyms though and, in many cases, it ends up being just fine for their purposes.

However, even though physiotherapy and physical therapy overlap in many aspects, there are several differences.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

In recent years there's been more information and attention to the health of the pelvic floor. And it's a great step forward as pelvic floor health supports many other bodily functions and a person's overall health.

The pelvic floor muscles attach to the pelvis, tailbone, and sacrum and support the reproductive and urinary tract, helps control bladder and bowel function.

Shoulder Pain

Almost a quarter of American adults experience shoulder pain constantly. It's caused by various disorders: bad posture, lack of movement or too much physical strain. 

Unfortunately, untreated shoulder pain can then lead to neck pain, difficulty breathing and general discomfort that hinders everyday life. 

Shoulder physical therapy and physical therapy exercises for shoulder pain are the best ways to address and overcome the issue.

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